DOCert System

General information

Since March 1996, Narodowy Bank Polski has used the public key infrastructure to ensure integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation services in IT systems for NBP Clients. To achieve the goal, NBP uses DOCert system for issuing, revoking and distributing of certificates.

DOCert system includes:

  1. Three Key Certification Centres:
    • CCK NBP and NBP CCK 2 – issuing certificates,
    • NBP CCK TEST 2 – issuing test certificates,
  2. Seventeen Registration Authorities located in the Head Office of NBP and in NBP Regional Branches;
  3. Remote Certification System, which is available at www.DOCert.nbp.pl, enables cryptographic key generation on the Customer’s workstation without the necessity of visiting NBP.

Certificates issued by DOCert system are not qualified certificates within the meaning of the Act of 5 September 2016 on trust services and electronic identification.

The rules governing the provision of certification services are laid out in the document:

In order to ensure a proper certification of DOCert system certificates, it is necessary to install the appropriate CCK certificates:

Key Certification Centre of NBP (CCK NBP – 2010)
Key Certification Centre of NBP (NBP CCK 2 – 2015)
Test Key Certification Centre of NBP(NBP CCK Test 2 – 2014)

In March 2015, there were 36,000 users with valid certificates and 1,000 users with valid test certificates registered in DOCert system. Over 930,000 certificates and over 203,000 test certificates have been issued since the launch of the system.

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